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The New Small Pottery Wheel Pre-order Deposit

The New Small Pottery Wheel Pre-order Deposit

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This listing is a deposit for one of our new Small Pottery Wheels

With the payment of this deposit, you have been put on a list to receive one new Small Pottery Wheel once they are ready for shipping out from July. You will be emailed at that time with a link to complete your purchase, and can use the 16-digit code from this deposit and then pay the outstanding amount. 

The price of the new Small Pottery Wheels is yet to be determined, but it will be a very similar price to what we sell our wheels at currently.

The new Small Pottery Wheel has been specifically crafted by us to give the best performance and experience to every potter, from amateur to professional. Some of the new features include:

  • USB-C power/charger port, which is compatible with all USB-C laptop chargers
  • Battery powered wheel with up to four hours of continuous run time when fully charged
  • Brand new motor design for even better torque, and can handle up to 1kg of clay
  • Larger 8.5cm wide wheel head, allowing for larger projects
  • Batts now available in plastic, MDF and aluminium for use with blowtorches
  • Wider magnetic drip tray for better collection of clay
  • Fully water-resistant body
  • Rubber base for increased stability when throwing
  • Front dial for ambidextrous use

Depending on the quantity of pre-orders we get, we will be able to produce the new Small Pottery Wheel in multiple colours. But we will start off with a beautiful teal blue and sage green, similar to the best-selling colours we have for our current wheels!

If you'd like more than one wheel, please purchase the corresponding number of pre-order deposits to reflect the amount of wheels you'd like to buy!

If you are a business or shop that would like to purchase multiple wheels for wholesale or studio use, please email us at

This pre-order allocates a new Small Pottery Wheel from our large-scale manufacturing which will be available from June. However, we will be doing more classic drops between now and then, and if you wish to purchase a wheel in these drops, you can also use this deposit towards the cost of one of our current Small Pottery Wheels! Simply enter your 16-digit code in at checkout to redeem the deposit paid here.

This deposit is non-refundable. This is to ensure that we get an accurate number of units we need to produce, and allows us to plan and execute production in the next few months as efficiently as possible. As stated above, if you purchase a Small Pottery Wheel in one of our drops, this deposit can be used against that purchase.

If you have any other questions at all about this deposit or our new wheels, please don't hesitate to contact me at 🧡


Our new Small Pottery Wheel