The new Small Pottery Wheel monthly update: March

The new Small Pottery Wheel monthly update: March

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the first monthly update from Small Ceramics, which will be all about our new Small Pottery Wheel!

These monthly posts will serve as a moment for us to talk about how production is going, share designs and elements of the wheel, post behind-the-scenes content and for you to ask us any questions you might have!

As you are all currently aware, our production schedule aims to have the wheels built and ready to be shipped from June. Currently, we have a prototype and are using it to make final tweaks before we sign off on the creation of the tooling (which I’m sure a lot of you know needs to be absolutely perfect!) So we are really focussing on this part to ensure everything is perfect. 

We are also in the final stages of getting all the patents submitted for our designs. This is the reason we’ve not been able to share any images or information about the new features the wheel will include, but as soon as the patents are submitted we can release all these details! We will make sure to add all that information to next month’s email, as well as on our instagram and website.

As some of you know, next month we will also be doing our final drop of our current Small Pottery Wheels that we make using our 3D printers. Because of this, we are bringing back a lot of our limited edition colours, so if there was ever any colour you’ve really wanted in the past, this is the drop for you! It’s also a good alternative if you don’t want to wait until June for a wheel.

You can use your pre-order deposit towards the purchase of one of these wheels if you wish. To do so, just take the 16-digit code from your deposit and paste it into the ‘Gift Card’ box at the checkout.

(If you haven't purchased a pre-order deposit and would like to, you can do so here)

Thank you again for your support of our small business! We are so excited to share the new wheels with you as soon as they are ready, so keep an eye out for the April blog with all the details and updates.

And if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Happy potting all

Daisy & Stefano of Small Ceramics 🩵

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I heard you are working on releasing a slightly larger wheel later in the year. Any info about that? Very excited!!


Order 1234-1234-1234-1234.
Paid deposit , received your email. Can not seem to be able to order for next drop off as you suggest using deposit as saying all sold.

Debbie Coppen

I’m in US. Blog mentions preorder deposit. How does this work. I can find details or how to get on your order list.

Lisa Smith

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