The Journey to Going Green!

The Journey to Going Green!

Not my normal type of post, but I want to share this news with someone and no-one seems as excited as we are about our new solar panels! ☀️

The decision to add panels is a personal one, and adding them to our roof has been done to supply our home with green power for its everyday needs (fridge, oven, lighting etc). But it also happens that we run our business from our home too, so this decision is also benefitting our business.
We have an array of 10 430W panels, along with a large battery, to power our entire house. That also means that all 8 of our printers that work day and night are all running off 100% green energy, all produced on our very own roof 💚
(Thank god for that too because I’d dread to think what the bill would be like with all the new printers we’ve added 😂)

We are always working to make our carbon footprint as small as possible, and we currently do things like use recycled plastic filaments to print our wheels with (our green, blue, red and white filaments are made from 99% recycled PETG plastic). Our solar energy generation is another step helping us towards this goal!

Once we move to larger scale manufacturing however, processes will be different, but we are going to continue to use recycled plastic for our wheels (in my dream world I would love to make our wheels from reclaimed ocean plastic), use only fully recyclable packaging, and I will keep you all updated on our continuing journey to be green! 🍃 ☀️

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I’m so happy for you guys. I found out about your mini wheel through a YouTube short after discovering my love of creating mini pottery at my wheel class. I was having a rough day and thought I shouldn’t throw anything too big because I’ll be sad if it doesn’t work out so I threw a few tiny pots and the reactions from people sparked joy in them and in return in me. I set out to find a mini wheel so I could explore my passion at home but the mini wheels on Amazon aren’t quality. I was on YouTube and saw this great colorful mini wheel and here I am! I missed this recent drop but I look forward to one hopefully in December! Happy printing you two! Cheers from America!


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