Welcome to Small Ceramics, home of the Small Pottery Wheel!

We are Small Ceramics, two passionate ceramicists who are mad for miniature pottery! 
During the lockdown of 2020, we bought a cheap miniature pottery wheel online to use whilst we were stuck at home. But we found the quality to be very poor - next to no torque, no way to remove the pots from the plate and other impractical elements. We even bought a few different designs but every single one had the same failing!
And so, over the next four years, we designed and built the Small Wheel, probably the best miniature throwing wheel in the world (we think)! With strong torque, a removable batt system, two-way direction, easy-to-clean collector tray and different colours, we think you might feel the same way!

Our multi-coloured mini pottery wheel!

The Small Wheel in the wild...