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The Small Pottery Wheel

The Small Pottery Wheel

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3D printed parts made in PETG.
Our green, red, blue, and white plastic parts are made from 100% recycled material.

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The Small Wheel measures 18cm(L)x14cm(W)x9cm(H).

The batts are 7.5cm in diameter.

Care Instructions

The wheel is made from PETG plastic, and therefore can safely withstand the heat from a hairdryer to dry out pots. However, the heat from a heatgun will cause the plastic to warp.
Avoid wearing long bracelets or large rings whilst throwing.

When cleaning the Small Wheel, be sure not to submerge in water or use excessive water.

Age Restriction

Suitable for 12 years and older.

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The Small Pottery Wheel

The one and only Small Pottery Wheel! Probably the best miniature pottery wheel in the world...

This tiny but mighty wheel does it all - it has incredibly strong torque, even when throwing large amounts of clay, removable batts so that you can throw continuously without having to wait for your pot to dry or haphazardly remove it with wire, a removable collector tray for easy cleaning, variable speeds and can spin in both directions, and best of all it comes in different colours!

This wheel has been a labour of love from two very dedicated potters, in our pursuit to create the best mini wheel for all the pottery lovers out there! It is made by us in the UK, using 3D printing PETG plastic to create the body, batts and drip collector trays. 

With this purchase you will receive:
- The Small Pottery Wheel with drip collector tray
- Four batts of the same colour
- A printed guide on how to use your wheel, tips & tricks and how to care for your wheel
- Power supply with corresponding adaptor to continent of purchase (US, UK, EU, AUS)

PLEASE NOTE: The Small Wheel does make some grinding noise when used, which is normal due to the geared motor needed to give enough torque. 

Due to the nature of 3D printing, there will always be small surface textures and imperfections in the plastic, but these have no effect on the usability and function of the wheels. 

This product is not a toy and is for use by people 12 years and older.

As always, thank you so much for your interest in our wheels, and happy throwing! 

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