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Air Dry Clay - 1kg

Air Dry Clay - 1kg

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Please note - for now this item is only available to UK customers - we are working on expanding it to other markets soon!

Perfect for use on the Small Pottery Wheel!

For the best results from your clay, keep it damp during use by adding a little water regularly. Once you have finished your creations, leave to dry for 24-48 hours in a warm, dry space.
You can decorate air dry clay with acrylic paints, pens, and even ink! Please note, the clay will not be water-tight if air dried.

This clay can be fired in a kiln. The recommended firing range is 1000° to 1280°C, with all kinds of glazes. Make sure to use a kiln in a well ventilated space.
Store in a cool but frost-free situation free from draughts and out of sunlight. Close bag after use.

Do not breathe in dust if clay dries and becomes powdery.


Earthenware clay, Nylon fibers


Available to UK customers only.

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