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Worry Bears - Pre-order

Worry Bears - Pre-order

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When I was young my dad bought me a little matchbox from India. It said on it ‘Worry People’. The box had a group of tiny people in it, and you had to whisper your worries into the box and then put it under your pillow before bed. Then during the night they would take your worries away.

Well, this is my spin on that! These little Worry Bears will take your problems away every night and you will be left care-free.
Each one is handmade by me from porcelain and decorated with different glazes. Every one is unique! You will receive 4 bears similar to the photos, in a beautiful golden and blue box!

This listing is for a pre-order, so once your order is placed the completion time will be around 2-3 weeks.



Porcelain, gold lustre, cardboard


The box is roughly 5cm by 3cm big, the same size as a matchbox.


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